FyBRE is a service company in the Real Estate sector and is organized into three working’s areas:
FyBRE TECHNICAL SERVICES: research and market analysis, technical and administrative due diligence, feasibility studies, portfolio analysis, strategic planning. All this expecially for valuaded projet.
FyBRE COMMUNICATION: publishing services, websites management, blogs specialized in the real estate sector, newsletter, promotional videos or video interviews, Social Media Communication, organization of promotional events.
FyBRE ACADEMY: training courses on real estate related topics, R&D.



·Market and urban context  analysis
·Development of planning hypothesis
·Forecasting models
·Project management
·Assistance during design and cost budgeting
·Analysis of return on investments
·Business plan
·Asset and real estate portfolio management
·Projects Monitoring
·Information Memorandum and Dataroom
·Tecnichal, administrative and legal due diligence
·Design, implementation and management of website or blogs
·Publishing projects (traditional and digital)
·Digital newsletter
·Social Media Communication
·Promotional videos
·Design/implementation promotional of brochures
·Assistance/organization of promotional events
·Press office
·Training and refresher courses on real estate related topics
·Research and analysis for individual customers on real estate issues





FyBRE takes care of environmental protection and sustainability. To provide an effective contribution, every collaborator practices an ethical behavior paying attention to avoid wasting of electricity, paper; using ecofriendly toner, compostable plastic for both the water bottles that for coffee pods; making an accurate recycling; preferring the use of public transport or car sharing and bike sharing.